Charles R. "Chuck" Bailey and Kelly Morgan obtains summary judgement in dental malpractice case

Charles Bailey and Kelly Morgan obtained a summary judgment ruling in a dental malpractice case. Plaintiff alleged that Defendant deviated from the standard of care in treating Plaintiff's dental infection in performing a root canal. Specifically, Plaintiff alleged that performing the root canal led to bacterial endocarditis, which ultimately caused him to suffer from a stroke. The Circuit Court of Putnam County held that plaintiffs' standard of care expert, who was a cardio-thoracic surgeon, lacked the expertise to render an opinion about endodontic care.

David J. Mincer and Kelly C. Morgan obtains judgement in flood case

David Mincer and Kelly Morgan obtained a summary judgment ruling in a property damage case involving flooding. The property owners alleged that, prior to purchasing the property, they advised their realtor that they were seeking property located outside of a flood plane or property not otherwise prone to flooding. After purchasing, the buyers learned that the property had been previously severely flooded.

Vaughn T. Sizemore presents at Capital High School's Constitution Day seminar

Vaughn Sizemore was the guest speaker at Capital High School for its Constitution Day seminar. Mr. Sizemore gave his speech to the student body of the school about the creation of the constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the other Amendments to the Constitution. He also discussed significance and relevance of the Constitution to the students.